Product Design Software

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  • Modern design
  • Different operating systems like Windows, macOS, Linux & mobile environ­ments
  • Multiple languages
  • Stand-alone app & plug-ins for third-party software
  • Implementation of product-spezific design concepts
  • Latest numerical methods


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KLH Designer

TAILSIT develops the simulation-backend for the KLH Designer - a software to design cross-laminated timber (CLT).
  • Structural analysis of frames and trusses
  • Load cases according to Eurocode
  • Taking humidity and fire load into account
  • Design for ULS & SLS according to Eurocode and national annexes
KLH Designer


  • Design software for thermal protective load bearings of balconies
  • Reaction forces based on FE-analysis
  • Different balcony geometries & concrete brackets
  • Effective choice & arrange­ment of connectors
  • Protocol, report & parts list
AVI Thermotool
3A Composites

Advanced StatiX

  • Evaluation & statical response of ALUCOBOND panels
  • Rhino3D plug-in based on Concha
  • Material database containing all 3AComposites materials
  • Modelling of notches
  • Non-linear shell-based FEM with large de­for­mation
3AComposites - Advanced StatiX